Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

We accept applications for refund two weeks past the deadline of an order. Please note that applications for refunds concerning plagiarism are not subject to these or any other time constraints. The client should show a valid proof inform of plagiarism report that our writer is responsible for the plagiarism.

*Turnitin (as well as iThenticate and WriteCheck – its sister sites) are deemed to be trustworthy plagiarism testing systems. Situations that are excluded from plagiarism include properly cited quotations, properly referenced sources, certain parts of a customer’s assignment (e.g., the question portions) and tables of content. Therefore, the SafeAssign.com resource is deemed unreliable because it reports these excluded situations to be plagiarized materials. Another unacceptable proof includes file notes that are added by hand.

1. In the case of a continuation assignment, we cannot be considered responsible for instances of plagiarism in those parts completed by the customer. Only content provided by our writers is checked for plagiarism.
2. Where a customer expresses dissatisfaction with our work, we will investigate and report on the case within 3-4 days, and sometimes sooner. Customers with valid claims will be issued with at least a partial or possibly a full refund.


1. Our customers can take advantage of the unlimited free revisions option for up to two days after the expiration of their assignment’s deadline. If our writer revises a paper on a no-cost basis, we cannot accommodate a further refund.
2. In the case of papers that are twenty pages long or more, free revisions can be requested for up to one month (30 days) after an assignment’s deadline has expired.
3. Our free-of-charge revisions option is not available if a customer changes the instructions they originally submitted. If critical material is provided after an order is complete or when it is being done, our representatives may ask for an additional compensatory order to reward our writer.
4. When any customer wishes to avail of our free revision policy, they should submit their revision instructions and set a new timeline for completion. If instructions are very complex or it is difficult to reassign an order, it can take up to one day to complete the required revisions. However, our writers will make every possible effort to deliver the revisions in the agreed time.
5. Every customer should monitor their incoming email and personal account area for the possibility of correspondence from our representatives. Often, unfortunately, customers do not upload all essential materials in one go. However, customers are responsible for providing all needed materials and detailed instructions when ordering (or if they receive such a request from our writer(s)).

A Full Refund

1. If we double charge the customers or they submit duplicate orders in error, they can apply for a refund. In such a case, kindly contact our support company’s support staff immediately to request a cancellation of the order and refund of the payment.
2. We refund the full payment on condition that we failed to allocate the order to a writer.
3. After issuance of full refund customers are expected not to use any materials or written work by us.

A Partial Refund

1. In case customers wrongly select the page number they can apply refund for the part of the payment. The refund will be according to the required number of words.
2. If clients wrongly select the type of writing, for instance, university instead of high school. Our refunds department will reduce the amount refunded to the customer.
3. In case clients provided mismatched instructions, the refunds department will refund the payment which are subject to recalculation, for instance where the information provided in the description do not match provided materials.
4. Cancelling orders (when a writer is assigned):
Refund Percentage Passed deadline (approximately)
100% 10-15% of the deadline
90% 20-25% of the deadline
80% 30-35% of the deadline
70% 40-45% of the deadline
60% 50-55%
50% 60%

*Orders that have 30% of the original deadline still left and one of our writer’s assigned cannot be cancelled. Further if our writer has uploaded the complete assignment it is not possible to cancel the order.

Late Verification

If the verification of an order is delayed, for instance, clients failing to respond to requests from our Finance Department for identification verification to avoid cases of fraud. In this case, the order’s deadline will commence from the time the verification is received. However, clients may extend their deadline verification or submit a ‘hot’ order. Word Count Issues

1. Pages are calculated in reference to the word count with 300 words making one page. In some cases this may not apply especially for the technical papers comprised of numbers instead of words. Prices will be determined in reference to the complexity of the paper.
2. Power point ordering. Speaker notes are subject to payment. Each ppt presentation slide in our company takes up to 100-150 words.
3. Online tests are determined by the amount of questions and on the basis of five questions per page. The principle also applies for multiple choice variety questions.


1. Our company will require compensation for orders that are needed early. Our representatives will provide a recalculated price and request a new order. Where one of our writers delivers a paper early without asking for additional compensation, we cannot issue a future refund.
2. Where an order is late without the approval of the customer or without them agreeing to extend the deadline, at minimum a partial refund may be offered with the priced revised according to the prices posted on the company’s website.

Order Type

1. The customer should select the right type of order, e.g., “Online Test� rather than “Research Paper.� Refunds cannot be granted if payment for a service has not been received.
2. When customers order “rewriting� our writers will paraphrase/reword the text uploaded by the customer. An additional compensatory order will need to be placed if the customer requests new sources, further research, new/additional sections or anything that is similar to writing text “from scratch.�
3. It is possible our support staff will send messages to you so we ask every customer to monitor their email and profile page for such communications. We truly appreciate timely responses, particularly if a customer wishes to give their approval to a topic suggested by their assigned writer.